About MbN

MbN stands for mutually beneficial network. MbN is a loose collective of DnE members who occasionally work on projects, and this network is here to facilitate and encourage these projects. A “Project” can be defined as any goal someone or a group embarks on. It can be any serious effort to create something or improve oneself.

Recent examples include programming, music, and writing projects, although we’re definitely not limiting MbN to these three categories. The benefits users currently get out of MbN include both community support & advice as well as help publishing & gaining exposure. We’re planning on offering more benefits as we grow.

We (currently) have three categories that we classify projects under:

Dne Labs focuses on any engineering, programming, or related projects. DnE Productions focuses on any art, music, writing, or related projects. The “Old Projects” section is reserved for unmaintained or abandoned work.

If you’re interested in joining MbN, drop in on the forums or our IRC channel.


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