Sapein init stuff

What is YAI (Yet Another Init)

Simple init system written in Python that brings up the system.


YAIC is Yet Another Init Config

This is a configuration module for YAI.

What is YAI-PM? (Yet Another init Process Manager.)

It’s designed to be a simplistic Process Manager for Yet Another Init. It can work with it’s own files, or it can work with epoch’s files. I plan to eventually support daemontools scripts in some capacity.


Beta Version Download:

Shutdown Stuff

This is a collection of c files for shutting down and managing the system. It has been taken out of YAI for modularity.

YAI-Shutoff: Quick and Dirty Shutdown Script.

This is script which, obviously, shuts down the machine. You should have Shutdown Stuff (above) installed to use it.

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