This is a Simple shell gpg password manager. Here’s the repository…

The difference between this and something lie “pass”, a unix gpg password manager, is that this keeps everything in a single file instead of distributing every user:pass combination into separate files. The advantage of this, in my opinion, is that you don’t expose any of the sites you use by naming each individual gpg file something recognizable.

This is also much simpler and does not use memory based file systems, as everything is streamed via non-exported local shell variables. It lacks some of the features that pass provides, as well. In essence, all it does is work on a gpg encrypted file. Simple as that.


Planned Features


Welcome to simple-password-manager.
Type o to open an existing encrypted pw file.
Type r to read the entire file.
Type s to search for a string.
Type h to search for a section.
Type i to insert new information (e.g a username:password combo.)
Type n to enter a new section.
Type d to delete a section and its contents.
Type k to delete a string from a section.
Type f to create and open a new encrypted pw file.
Type q to quit.

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