Gore’s Animating

Gore, a member of DnE is currently in the process of building up his animating skillset and creating content via blender, among other tools. You can find some of his work in this thread, and this one.

Also: youtube channel and Deviantart

About Gore

I am a college-aged adult learning about 3d modelling and I hope to make a job out of it someday. Why? Because I have no job skills so I have to do shitty jobs in order to have money. My goal is to learn 3d modelling and have a nice decent-paying career out of it. Right now I use blender and SFM in order to learn about animating.


Gore got a job and hasn’t had much time to work on this in some time… He has stated he may continue work in the near future. Should he pick this back up, we’ll move it back to active projects.

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